Frequently Asked Questions

What is Health Coaching?

Coaching is a client-centered, confidential process that empowers you to adopt the mindset and daily practices for meaningful behavior change. Coaching is driven by one person – You! Your preferences, values, and readiness to change are essential to our work together.

As a coach, my role isn’t to diagnosis or label, it’s to offer guidance, provide resources, and help you cultivate your own motivation for personal growth. Coaching is action and future-oriented. My philosophy is small changes add up to big results over time.


Is Coaching the same as Therapy?

Coaching is distinct from therapy. Recovery coaching focuses on helping you put in place the structure and building blocks to change habits that are interfering with your life. 

Therapy involves a clinical evaluation of a mental health problem, the formulation of a diagnosis, and creation of a treatment plan. I am not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist and my coaching services are not a substitute for the services offered by these professionals. In my coaching practice, I do not provide psychological, psychiatric, or medical services and/or treatment. 

What is Mindfulness-Based Recovery?

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on your thoughts and feelings in the present moment, and accepting them without judgement. It can be used to retrain your brain to respond differently to the emotions that reinforce the cycle of addiction, rather than reacting to them. Studies show that practicing mindfulness reduces cravings and helps prevent relapse. My recovery programs use mindfulness and other tools that have been validated by peer-reviewed journals and experts in addiction. 

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