Alcohol Recovery Coaching

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • You’ve attempted to moderate or place limits around your drinking, but it hasn't worked

  • You're tired of hangovers and waking up upset at yourself after drinking too much

  • Despite your best efforts, one drink often turns into the whole bottle or more

  • Sometimes you can’t remember everything that happens when you drink

  • You’re beginning to hide how much you drink from family and friends

  • You feel anxiety, depression, and guilt in the days following drinking

  • You've made promises to yourself to never drink again, but can't keep them

  • You haven’t found success with recovery programs or can’t find one that’s a good fit

  • You've stopped drinking before, yet always come back to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol

I'm Here to Help.

I offer dedicated one-on-one recovery coaching support to change your relationship with alcohol and lay the foundation for living a healthy, sober life. My structured recovery program uses evidence-based principles that help you manage cravings and deal with the difficult emotions that arise during sobriety. 

Mindfulness-Based Alcohol Recovery 

  • Gain insight into the connection between your personal triggers and behaviors to replace old habits with healthier alternatives


  • Explore and learn to challenge thoughts and beliefs that reinforce the cycle of addiction


  • Learn how to better respond to urges to drink and prevent relapse


  • Develop a structure that supports recovery built around self-compassion and awareness

During the program, I'll provide assignments and exercises that allow you to explore the topics we discuss in more depth and put into practice new skills. You'll also have unlimited email and text support between weekly sessions.


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